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Lydia Adamson: A Cat with a Fiddle

A Cat with a Fiddle From the Publisher:
Alice Nestleton's latest play has just bombed, and the critics gleefully skewered her performance. So she's turned to the kinder world of cat-sitting. Now she must deliver an adorable Scottish-fold kitty named Lulu to her owner at a remote artists' colony in Massachusetts. There she meets up with a world-famous quartet visiting for the summer. But when the handsome ladykiller of a pianist turns up murdered, Alice has a good idea of whodunit. The local police won't listen, so the intrepid cat-lady goes it alone. She's baiting a dangerous mousetrap for a killer who's not just pussy-footing around.

Lydia Adamson: A Cat with a Fiddle. Signet, ISBN: 0451175867 (April, 1993), 218 p., $3.99






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