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Lydia Adamson: A Cat on Jingle Bell Rock

A Cat on Jingle Bell Rock From the Publisher:
Sustenance House, an organization that feeds and shelters the city's poor and homeless, always celebrates Christmas with a lavish goose dinner with all the trimmings. But when its most generous -- and anonymous -- donor inexplicably vanishes, the city's best-loved charity is in danger of closing its doors forever. Called upon to help, Alice has barely begun investigating the all-too-scarce clues when a shocking act of violence occurs right within the Sustenance House walls. Is it connected to the disappearance of the charity's mysterious benefactor? Alice has her suspicions. As she starts to piece the baffling puzzle together, she is swept into a swirling vortex of deception, greed, and murder. It will take every ounce of street smarts Alice possesses, along with one carefully baited trap -- and some unexpected help from a pair of Siamese cats named Tiny and Tim -- to wrap up the case in time for the holidays and cook one particularly mean-spirited murderer's goose.

Lydia Adamson: A Cat on Jingle Bell Rock. Signet, ISBN: 0451194586 (September, 1998), 240 p., $5.99






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