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Nevada Barr: Hunting Season

Hunting Season From the Publisher:
Park Ranger Anna Pigeon returns to face her most duplicitous foe - human nature - in Nevada Barr's New York Times bestseller, Hunting Season.

The quiet beauty of autumn on Mississippi's Natchez Trace is swiftly shattered when Anna answers a call to Mt. Locust, once a working plantation and inn, now a tourist spot. But the man Anna finds in an old bedroom is no tourist in distress. He's nearly naked, and very dead - his body bearing marks consistent with sex games gone awry. On a writing table nearby is an open Bible with ominous passages circled in red.

There are secrets that prominent men in this God-fearing country wish to keep under wraps - and Anna has stumbled into a nest of them.

Nevada Barr: Hunting Season. Berkley Publishing Group, ISBN: 0425188787 (February, 2003), 352 p., $6.99



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