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Harry Kemelman: Saturday the Rabbi Went Hungry

Saturday the Rabbi Went Hungry From the Publisher:
The answer to the prayers of mystery fans everywhere? A Rabbi Small mystery full of the wit and wisdom, persistence and chuzpah that put the Rabbi on bestseller lists every day of the week! Ever since he made his debut in FRIDAY THE RABBI SLEPT LATE, the adventures of Rabbi Small have been hailed by critics and fans. And now new fans and old can enjoy the hair-raising tales and unparalleled logic of one of the world's most unusual sleuths.

Saturday brings Yom Kippur to Barnard's Crossing and Rabbi Small is preparing as usual. But his prayers and fasting are interrupted when a member of his congregation is found dead in his car. The police call it an accident. The insurance company calls it suicide. Only Rabbi Small's pregnant wife, Miriam, thinks it's murder. Now it's up to him to prove her right.

Harry Kemelman: Saturday the Rabbi Went Hungry. IBooks; ISBN: 0743445007 (July, 2002); 224 p., $6.99


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