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Harry Kemelman: Monday the Rabbi Took Off

Monday the Rabbi Took Off From the Publisher:
Rabbi David Small is back. The man who can see the third side of any question.

This time he's on a private exodus to Israel to soothe his soul. He just wants to soak up the local scene, sit in the park, talk to the kids, go to the synagogue or (heresy of heresies) not, as the mood strikes him.

But where Rabbi Small goes, so goes trouble. And Israel's no exception. Before you can say "Oy gevalt!" Rabbi Small finds himself in the thick of an international incident.

Yes, Monday's the day Rabbi Small goes up against the Wall.

Harry Kemelman: Monday the Rabbi Took Off. IBooks; ISBN: 0743452712 (November, 2002); 368 p., $6.99



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