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Harry Kemelman: Conversations with Rabbi Small

Conversations with Rabbi Small From the Publisher:
The author of the bestselling Rabbi Small mystery series writes an extraordinary book about the mysteries, history, and drama of Judaism and what it means to be a Jew.

In June, the Rabbi went on vacation...only to find himself unraveling a mystery as old as time itself. The girl appeared, unannounced, at his cabin door. Would the Rabbi convert her to Judaism, she has asked. It was vital to her forthcoming marriage. And so began Rabbi Small's investigation into the magic, the mysticism, the truths and the fables of the world's oldest religion. Shot through with tension, conflict, humor, and wisdom, Conversations with Rabbi Small is a richly woven tapestry of past and present beliefs that Jews and non-Jews will find meaningful, thought-provoking, and more than a bit surprising. Told in the form of a novel, this insightful and sensitive book will be accessible to a large audience, from young people to adults.

Harry Kemelman: Conversations with Rabbi Small. IBooks; ISBN: 0743458834 (April, 2003); 288 p., $12.00


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