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Dancers in Mourning

Margery Allingham: Dancers in Mourning (USA 2008)

From the Publisher:
Jimmy Sutane is London's favorite song-and-dance man, headlining at the Argosy Theatre, and beloved by all. Or almost all: Someone has taken to playing increasingly nasty pranks. Albert Campion, that peculiar young man with the knack for solving problems, offers to poke around, but what he finds chez Sutane nearly overwhelms him. The far-from-traditional household features a clutch of explosive egos, including a brooding "genius musician," and a melodramatic young actress who seems to delight in drawing others into her web of carefully groomed tragedy.

Someone here is aiming to hang up Sutane's tap shoes on a permanent basis, and if Campion is to keep Jimmy dancing, he'll have to come up with some pretty fancy footwork of his own.

Margery Allingham: Dancers in Mourning. The 8th Albert Campion Mystery. Felony & Mayhem, ISBN: 1933397985 (September, 2008), 337 p., $14.95.



Dancers in Mourning

Margery Allingham: Dancers in Mourning (UK 1993)

From the Publisher:
Everyone adored Jimmy Sutane the talented song and dance man. Everyone except a spectacularly mean and ingenious practical joker and as soon as Albert Campion was called in to investigate, people began to die. Chloe Pye was the first victim and there is no shortage of suspects.

Margery Allingham: Dancers in Mourning. Penguin Classic Crime, ISBN: 0140087826 (October, 1993), 288 p., £4.99 (?).


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