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Death of a Ghost

Margery Allingham: Death of a Ghost (USA 2007)

From the Publisher:
The painter John Lafcadio was brilliantly talented and, it appears, a bit psychic: Certain that his reputation would improve dramatically after his death, he left several paintings with his agent, along with the instruction that the widowed Mme. Lafcadio should wait a suitable interval and then begin doling out the work to a newly ravenous public, selling the paintings at the rate of one per year.

Albert Campion, an old friend of the widow's, is among the guests at Lafcadio's fourth such posthumous vernissage. The event is a success for all but one of the attendees -- a young artist who is brutally murdered while others are sipping champagne. Shortly thereafter the wife of another painter in the Lafcadios' circle is poisoned, and Campion begins asking questions -- a dangerous habit with a murderer around.

Margery Allingham: Death of a Ghost. The 6th Albert Campion Mystery. Felony & Mayhem, ISBN: 1933397829 (December, 2007), 201 p., $14.95.



Death of a Ghost

Margery Allingham: Death of a Ghost (UK 1986)

From the Publisher:
J.S. Lafcadio, the painter is dead. He wanted lasting fame and he left instructions to his wife for one painting to be exhibited every year after his death. Eight years later in Little Venice, a group of friends and family gather to view the painting. They are treated instead to a murder.

Margery Allingham: Death of a Ghost. Penguin Classic Crime, ISBN: 0140084231 (October, 1986), 253 p., £3.99.



Death of a Ghost

Margery Allingham: Death of a Ghost (USA 1975)

From the Publisher:
Murder is generally a private affair, but when the body of a young artist was found - shredded with a pair of jewel-stuffed scissors - the cream of London was there to watch.

The second death was different. It was so private it looked like a suicide, until the body of the agonized victim was examined and the murderer's traces were found.

Then the stage was set for a third. A lavish dinner was planned, and Scotland Yard's Albert Campion knew that the killer would be there. But what he didn't know was that he was the killer's next victim.

Margery Allingham: Death of a Ghost. Manor Books, ISBN: 0532122674 (January, 1995), 192 p., $1.25.


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