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Hide my Eyes

Margery Allingham: Hide my Eyes (USA 2010)

From the Publisher:
Returning to the darker themes of Tiger in the Smoke, Allingham introduces a serial killer who is haunting London's Theatreland. The sparring between Sergeant Luke (who thinks he's got the case sewn up) and Albert Campion (who wonders what the old couple on the bus saw) is sparkling as ever, but readers will note that Allingham was shifting toward psychological themes that put her in the company of Ruth Rendell and Patricia Highsmith.

Margery Allingham: Hide my Eyes. The 16th Albert Campion Mystery. Felony & Mayhem, ISBN: 9781934609620 (December, 2010), 256 p., $14.95.



Hide my Eyes

Margery Allingham: Hide my Eyes (UK 2007)

From the Publisher:
A quiet, ruthless killer strikes in London's theatreland. Superintendent Luke thinks he has seen the pattern before. Mr Campion wonders what became of the old couple in the country bus who must have witnessed the crime...

The trail leads to an eccentric museum in west London, and to a scrapyard in the East End. As an exercise in suspense Hide My Eyes is the equal of The Tiger in the Smoke.

Margery Allingham: Hide my Eyes. A Campion Mystery. Vintage, ISBN: 0099506092 (December, 2007), 218 p., £7.99.



Hide my Eyes

Margery Allingham: Hide my Eyes (UK 1997)

From the Publisher:
Beginning with a murder on a rainy night near London's theatreland, this book features Inspector Luke and Mr Campion. A glove and a lizard-skin lettercase begin a trail which leads to a very strange scrap dump in the East End, and finally to the identity of the murderer.

Margery Allingham: Hide my Eyes. Penguin Classic Crime, ISBN: 0140166157 (March, 1997), 223 p., £5.99.



Tether's End

Margery Allingham: Tether's End (USA 1996)

From the Publisher:
Margery Allingham's charming detective returns as he follows a ghastly trail of blood to an old, dusty museum called Tether's End.

When a London pawnbroker is murdered, the body never found, clues are scant and witnesses few. Scotland Yard superintendent Charles Luke has come up with a farfetched theory, and even the imperturbable Albert Campion has doubts when evidence points them to a most unlikely conclusion.

Margery Allingham: Tether's End. An Albert Campion Mystery. Carroll & Graf, ISBN: 0786703830 (October, 1996), 208 p., $4.95.



Ten Were Missing

Margery Allingham: Ten Were Missing (USA 1991)

From the Publisher:
For two years Scotland Yard was baffled by strange disappearances. Some people finally turned up... dead. Others didn't turn up at all. There were ten cases alltogether. Ten cases mysteriously connected by startling clues - a one-way bus ride that ended... nowhere; one blood-stained pigskin glove; a bizarre museum with the oddest curios. And all were marked with the deadly print of an animal-like man who seemed to murder without rhyme or reason.

Margery Allingham: Ten Were Missing. An Albert Campion Mystery. Carroll & Graf, ISBN: 0786703830 (October, 1961), 224 p., $0.40.


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