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Look to the Lady

Margery Allingham: Look to the Lady (UK 2015)

From the Publisher:
Finding himself the victim of a botched kidnapping attempt, Val Gyrth suspects that he might be in a spot of trouble. Unexpected news to him - but not to the mysterious Mr Campion, who reveals that the ancient Chalice entrusted to Val's family is being targeted by a ruthless ring of thieves.

Fleeing London for the supposed safety of Suffolk, Val and Campion come face to face with events of a perilous and puzzling nature - Campion might be accustomed to outwitting criminal minds, but can he foil supernatural forces?

Margery Allingham: Look to the Lady. A Campion Mystery. Vintage Books, ISBN: 9780099593522 (May, 2015), 249 p., £8.99.



Look to the Lady

Margery Allingham: Look to the Lady (USA 2006)

From the Publisher:
Some objects just cry out to be stolen, and an obliging ring of international thieves stands ready to heed the cry. Their current target is the Gyrth Chalice, a priceless goblet that the Gyrth family has for centuries held in trust for the British Crown. Kept in a windowless chapel, and protected by a fearsome curse, the Chalice should be impervious to thievery. But this is 1930, and the crooks have all the advantages of the modern world.

Chief among these is the craving for publicity, to which at least one member of the Gyrth clan has succumbed. Her careless chatter about the Chalice seems to have called up all manner of misfortunes - of which larceny is just the beginning -- and the vague, bespectacled Albert Campion doesn't look like he'll be much help against them. But looks can be deceptive.

Margery Allingham: Look to the Lady. The 3rd Albert Campion Mystery. Felony & Mayhem, ISBN: 1933397578 (December, 2006), 275 p., $14.95.



The Gyrth Chalice Mystery

Margery Allingham: The Gyrth Chalice Mystery (USA 1988)

From the Publisher:
There is a legend about the priceles Gyrth Chalice - and it is written in blood. Now it is Val Gyrth's turn to visit the tower room high above the Gyrth family mansion, to learn the terrible secret that has haunted his family for generations. But he won't be the only visitor. A powerful ring of thieves is after the prized relic. And it's up to Albert Campion to stop them.

Equally at home in the underworld and among the upper crust, super-sleuth Albert Campion rarely misses a clue or fails to find a motive. Behind his horn-rimmed glasses and mild-mannered facade is a brilliant mind that can penetrate to the villainous heart of the most heinous crime.

"Miss Allingham is very, very good and those who are not familiar with her have a discovery awaiting them." Los Angeles Times

Margery Allingham: The Gyrth Chalice Mystery. A Campion Mystery. Avon Books, ISBN: 0380705729 (December, 1988), 249 p., $3.99.



Look to the Lady

Margery Allingham: Look to the Lady (UK 1987)

From the Publisher:
As a scion of a noble house himself, Albert Campion is aware of the importance of the Gyrth Chalice and of its place at the centre of our heritage. And when its safety is threatened by wealthy and ruthless collectors, Campion springs to its defence.

The author also wrote "Police at the Funeral".

Margery Allingham: Look to the Lady. Penguin Classic Crime, ISBN: 0140093796 (May, 1987), 288 p., £3.99.



The Gyrth Chalice Mystery

Margery Allingham: The Gyrth Chalice Mystery (USA 1963)

From the Publisher:
Campion sensed that he was in a very small space. But there was something else -- something incredibly old -- and terrible.
A voice said, "Take off the bandages."
He felt Val's icy fingers pulling at the knot. He started violently as the handkerchief slipped from his eyes.
The Gyrth's secret -- the horror of centuries -- was at last revealed!

That was the history of the fabled Gyrth Chalice, a sacred trust from the Crown to the Gyrth family. Now a new chapter in its blood-stained history was about to be written -- for Val Gyrth was coming of age!

On his twenty-fifth birthday, the male heir was taken to the secret room in the East wing of the ancestral home to see the monstrous "thing" that protected the Chalice. And once more the country people were whispering that he would never be the same again.

What was the Gyrth's chilling secret?

Margery Allingham: The Gyrth Chalice Mystery. New York, NY: Macfadden-Bartell, 1963, MB 60-249, 191 p., $0.60.



Look to the Lady

Margery Allingham: Look to the Lady (UK 1963)

From the Publisher:
A sacred chalice leads to murder
The Gyrth family had guarded the Chalice for hundreds of years. It was held by them for the Crown. Its antiquity, its beauty, the extraordinary legends that were connected with it, all combined to make it unique of its kind. It was irreplaceable. No thief could hope to dispose of it in the ordinary way. And indeed no ordinary thief would dream of trying. But there are others besides those who make their living by robbery, others whose immense wealth and passion for collecting render them less immune to the practical considerations that must guide even the less honestly minded citizens. These people cherish a desire to possess for their own private pleasure treasure that cannot be bought. And it was by this sort of person that the Chalice, and the lives and happiness of its guardians, were now threatened.

Margery Allingham: Look to the Lady. London: Penguin, 1963, Penguin Books #773, 254 p., 3'6.


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