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Blood Will Have Blood

Linda Barnes: Blood Will Have Blood (USA 2015)

From the Publisher:
Anthony Award-winning author Linda Barnes introduces dashing private eye turned actor Michael Spraggue who must unmask a deadly prankster in a haunted theater
Boston Brahmin Michael Spraggue believes distinguished director Arthur Darien has invited him to the old Fens Theater because he needs financial backing for his new production of Dracula. But Arthur has a different kind of problem: His actors believe the theater is haunted. One even quit when he discovered that his pitcher of Bloody Marys had been replaced with real blood. The director offers the part to Michael on one condition: He will not only be playing Dr. John Seward; he will also be playing detective.

Behind the scenes, this Dracula is a true horror show. Infighting among the cast, money problems, and deadly threats are just the beginning. When the pranks turn lethal, it is up to Michael to find the killer lest the curtain come down on them all forever.

Blood Will Have Blood is the 1st book in the Michael Spraggue Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

Linda Barnes: Blood Will Have Blood. A Michael Spraggue Mystery. Open Road Media, ISBN: 9781504014496 (July, 2015), eBook, 0.70 MB (ca. 188 p.), $7.99.



Blood Will Have Blood

Linda Barnes: Blood Will Have Blood (USA 1991)

From the Publisher:
Famed theater director Arthur Darien's production of "Dracula" is in trouble. Strange and macabre jokes -- including a batch of literally mixed Bloody Marys -- are unnerving the cast and threatening to close the play before opening night.

Michael Spraggue enters the cast, but in a dual role unknown to most of them -- Arthur Darien has asked him to solve the mystery of the jokes before the jokes turn deadly. But Spraggue finds that he is not the only actor playing a dual role. Nobody is sticking to the script -- and a killer is bent on giving the performance of a lifetime!

Linda Barnes: Blood Will Have Blood. Murder on stage. A Michael Spraggue Mystery. Fawcett Crest, ISBN: 0449209016 (January, 1991), 191 p., $4.95.


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