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Heart of the World

Linda Barnes: Heart of the World (USA 2019)

From the Publisher:
The Boston PI tangles with the Colombian underworld in this "astonishing installment in... one of the best private eye series ever" (Harlan Coben).

Six-foot-tall, redheaded ex-cop and Boston-based private eye Carlotta Carlyle is "the genuine article: a straightforward, funny, thoroughly American mystery heroine" (New York Post).

Carlotta is frantic. It appears that Paolina, a street-smart teenage girl she's always thought of as a little sister, has run away. After dead-end investigations throughout Boston, Carlotta fears the worst. Especially when she connects the disappearance to Paolina's biological father, Roldán Gonzales, a ruthless Colombian drug lord. To find Paolina, first Carlotta has to find Gonzales -- but he's vanished too. The official report is that he's dead.

Warned against going to the police in Bogotá, Carlotta must trust her instincts as she follows in Paolina's footsteps, which lead to the mountains of Colombia -- Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the heart of the world. But will her rescue end up being a trap? The answer will "shock and surprise the reader" (Library Journal).

Linda Barnes: Heart of the World. A Carlotta Carlyle Mystery. Open Road Media, ISBN: 9781504057035 (March, 2019), 3.58 MB (ca. 368 p.), $7.99.



Heart of the World

Linda Barnes: Heart of the World (USA 2007)

From the Publisher:
When private investigator Carlotta Carlyle learns that Paolina, the teenaged "little sister" she's been mentoring for years, has gone missing, she immediately starts combing the streets of Boston to find her. Paolina's indifferent mother, Marta, insists that the girl has run away -- but as days pass without word, Carlotta suspects something sinister. Frantically searching for a lead, Carlotta uncovers clues pointing to Paolina's biological father, a notorious Colombian drug lord named Roldán.

Though Roldán is believed dead, Carlotta is convinced he's very much alive -- and that he has abducted Paolina. Searching for answers will take Carlotta from sultry Miami to the Colombian jungle. With each shocking twist, Carlotta is drawn deeper into a labyrinth of conspiracies and corruption... and deeper into the most personal, most treacherous case of her career.

Linda Barnes: Heart of the World. A Carlotta Carlyle Mystery. St. Martin's Paperbacks, ISBN: 0312362730 (June, 2007), 368 p., $6.99.



Heart of the World

Linda Barnes: Heart of the World (USA 2006)

From the Publisher:
When private investigator Carlotta Carlyle is wakened by a late-night phone call, she discovers that her "little sister," Paolina, the child with whom she was paired years ago by a local mentoring program, is missing. Carlotta combs the Boston streets looking for Paolina, torn between anger at the thoughtless teenage runaway and anxiety that something has really happened to her.

Paolina is more than a sister to Carlotta. She's the daughter she never had, or never owned up to having. She's the one constant in Carlotta's life, more reliable than Sam Gianelli, her mob boss lover, a man whose always unpredictable behavior has become increasingly mysterious.

Heart of the World, Linda Barnes's most intense, personal, and suspenseful Carlotta Carlyle novel yet, follows Carlotta's trail from New England to Miami to Bogotá and beyond as she probes the connection between Paolina's disappearance and the corresponding disappearance of the Colombian drug lord father Paolina has never met.

A breathless and shocking read, Heart of the World is perhaps Barnes's best.

Linda Barnes: Heart of the World. A Carlotta Carlyle Mystery. St. Martin's Minotaur, ISBN: 0312332874 (May, 2006), 321 S., $24.95


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