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Barbara D'Amato: Hard Women

Hard Women From the Publisher
Nobody cares much about a dead hooker... nobody but Chicago journalist Cat Marsala, who had befriended Sandra Love, the frail young woman who now lies dead in a gutter near Cat's apartment. Sandra's murder sends Cat on the quest for a killer and for a deeper understanding of the netherworld of Chicago prostitution.

"A sense of characters and places mirroring reality so well that a reader is not conscious of the storytelling structure a craftsman must impose on events. D'Amato retains her touch for red herrings in a tantalizing puzzle. I have seldom been so certain who would be revealed as the killer, and I have seldom been so wrong." (Chicago Sun-Times)

Barbara D'Amato: Hard Women. Scribner's, ISBN: 068419564X (April, 1993), 249 p., $20.00


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