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Barbara D'Amato: Hard Road

Hard Road From the Publisher
The story begins at a big centennial Oz festival in Chicago's Grant Park. Investigative reporter Cat Marsala rediscovers the wonderful world of Oz when she takes her six-year-old nephew Jeremy to meet Dorothy and the Tin Man and to explore the Yellow Brick Road and the Emerald City. Meanwhile, Cat's brother Barry, a professional events organizer, confers with dignitaries. But suddenly a day of pure delight turns into a scene of horror. Cat and Jeremy witness a murder, and the chief suspect is a man they both love - Barry. He can't be the killer, but Cat also can't deny what she saw with her own eyes...

"Delightful... Follow the yellow brick road to your favorite bookseller for this one." (Publishers Weekly)

Barbara D'Amato: Hard Road. Scribner's, ISBN: 0743200950 (August, 2001), 288 p., $23.00



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