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Day's End

Garry Disher: Day's End (UK 2023)

From the Publisher:
Constable Paul Hirschausen's rural beat in the low hills of South Australia is wide. Daybreak to day's end, dirt roads and dust. Every problem that besets small towns and isolated properties, from unlicensed driving to arson.

But now, just as Hirsch has begun to feel he knows the fragile communities under his care, the isolation and fear of the pandemic have warped them into something angry and unrecognisable. Hirsch is seeing stresses heightened and social divisions cracking wide open. His own tolerance under strain; people getting close to the edge.

Today he's driving an international visitor around: Janne Van Sant, whose backpacker son went missing while the borders were closed. They're checking out his last photo site, his last employer. A feeling that the stories don't quite add up.

Then a call comes in: a roadside fire. Nothing much - a suitcase soaked in diesel and set alight - but two noteworthy facts emerge. Janne knows more than Hirsch about forensic evidence. And the body in the suitcase is not her son's.

From the multiple Ned Kelly Award-winning author of Consolation comes a stunning new thriller, for readers of Jane Harper, Ian Rankin and Chris Hammer.

Garry Disher: Day's End. Viper / Serpent's Tail, ISBN: 9781800817371 (August, 2023), 368 p., £9.99, eBook £6.99.


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