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From Your Friend, Louis Deane

Garry Disher: From Your Friend, Louis Deane (AU 2012)

From the Publisher:
We always hurt the ones we love...
When Louis's parents decide to move from the city to a small coastal town, Louis finds himself at odds with everything around him. He's an outsider at school where he's at the mercy of the two school bullies, and misses the city and his friends. The only person he can talk to is the 'windmill man', Mr Chatters.

Then Mr Chatters' niece, Tilly, arrives in town and, unexpectedly, Louis discovers he has much in common with her. But are the rumours surrounding Tilly true? Instead of relying on his own judgement, Louis listens to the gossip around him...

A gentle and moving story by the author of The Apostle Bird and Moondyne Kate.

Garry Disher: From Your Friend, Louis Deane. Hachette Australia, ISBN: 9780734414045 (November, 2012), eBook, 0.51 MB (ca. 160 p.), A$6.99.


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