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Good One, Erm

Garry Disher: Good One, Erm (AU 2013)

From the Publisher:
Good One, Erm is a warm and moving story of cranky neighbours and family love by the author of The Bamboo Flute.
It's not easy moving house and making new friends. Especially not when the neighbours think you're weird.

And not when Ermyntrude, your grand piano, sends wolfhounds and comets after the man next door. And sirens, and horses and roosters, and barn owls...

It's not easy when you know you'll never see your father again - will you ever be able to play the grand piano without him? And will Ermyntrude let you play music any more anyway?

Garry Disher: Good One, Erm. Illustrated by Craig Smith. Hachette Australia / Lothian Children's Books, ISBN: 9780734415080 (May, 2013), eBook, 1.50 MB (ca. 80 p.), A$4.99.


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