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Moondyne Kate

Garry Disher: Moondyne Kate (AU 2012)

From the Publisher:
I goses by the name Moondyne Kate...
I was a Orphan Girl and fell into a great melancholy
of the spirit, great discouragement was my lot...

Canongate was a colourful town in 1865 - convicts, a gold rush, marauding bushrangers - but nothing much happens now. Nat Whistler can't wait to get out of this place.

But then he discovers a thrilling link to the past: he's descended from the Whistler, who robbed banks and gold escorts with the notorious Captain Kydd and was shot dead by troopers at the age of fifteen. And who was the mysterious Moondyne Kate, who could ride like the wind and whose voice sings from the past?

The truth is dark, elusive. As Nat peels away the layers and becomes entangled in the shadowy affairs of the town, his life takes a turn into danger.

Garry Disher: Moondyne Kate. Hachette Australia, ISBN: 9780734414069 (November, 2012), eBook, 0.43 MB (ca. 160 p.), A$7.99.


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