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Garry Disher: Ratface (AU 2013)

From the Publisher:
What do you do if an outsider tells you the teachings of Ratface and the White League are wrong? What if Ratface shuts you away behind an electric fence, or if he expects you to help him mould another child in the ways of the White League?

For Max and Christina, the White League is all they've ever known. But if Gillian is telling the truth, it's time to run and hide and live by their own wits - before it's too late.

A compelling story of escape from a way of life that has gone terribly wrong.

Garry Disher: Ratface. Hachette Australia / Lothian Children's Books, ISBN: 9780734415097 (May, 2013), eBook, 0.44 MB (ca. 224 p.), A$6.99.


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