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Garry Disher: Restless (AU 2019)

From the Publisher:
A chilling series of stories of flight and fear.
It's a great feeling, breaking away from home, school and the restrictions of your childhood years, testing yourself in the world at last. First flight, first love, first job, first holiday alone, first place to call your own.

You feel as if anything could happen, and you're prepared for it. You're no longer restless, but flying free.

But there's a final test if you can survive it.

This collection offers six chilling stories of suspense and the supernatural from one of Australia's leading Young Adult writers.

Garry Disher: Restless. Hachette Australia / Lothian Children's Books, ISBN: 9780734415059 (December, 2019), eBook, 0.47 MB (ca. 122 p.), A$6.99.


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