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The Bloody Tower

Carola Dunn: The Bloody Tower (UK 2011)

From the Publisher:
The 16th novel in the charming Daisy Dalrymple series of 1920's country house murder mysteries.
Daisy discovers fresh blood in a tower infamous through history for dark deeds...

Now the mother of two-month-old twins, Daisy decides to resume her journalistic career by writing a piece for a new magazine on the Tower of London. On her visit she's not only given a tour of the Crown Jewels, she's also introduced to the Raven Master and the Yeoman Warders - and most importantly, she's been invited to attend the Ceremony of the Keys ritual, which involves spending the night in the haunted Bloody Tower.

Having survived the night, Daisy can't wait to get away the next morning and in her eagerness to leave, trips over the body of a yeoman warder. Daisy instantly realises that this is murder most foul on account of the halberd sticking out of his back. And with her husband assigned to investigate the case, Daisy one again finds herself enmeshed in a case of an unexplained murder at the Tower...

Carola Dunn: The Bloody Tower. A Daisy Dalrymple Mystery. Robinson, ISBN: 9781849017114 (July, 2011), 296 p., £6.99.



The Bloody Tower

Carola Dunn: The Bloody Tower (USA 2009)

From the Publisher:
Research into the dark history of the Tower of London takes the Honorable Daisy Dalrymple Fletcher straight into a modern-day murder investigation, in this charming addition to Carola Dunn's beloved mystery series...

It is April 1925 and new mother Daisy Dalrymple Fletcher is over the moon with her two-month-old twins. Yet Daisy yearns to get back into the thick of things with her other love: writing. When an American magazine agrees to publish a series of articles about The Tower of London, Daisy's research begins in earnest. Against the advice of her husband, Scotland Yard Detective Chief Inspector Alec Fletcher, she agrees to an overnight visit in the Tower to witness a centuries-old tradition known as the Ceremony of the Keys. But a feud brewing among those charged with guarding the royal fortress has tensions running high.and the next morning, Daisy stumbles upon the murdered body of a yeoman warder crumbled at the bottom of a staircase. Alec is now heading an investigation in which his wife is the chief witness, and there is no shortage of suspects. As Daisy helps Alec piece the mystery together, the truth slowly comes into focus-threatening to claim more victims in what may be the Tower of London's deadliest chapter yet...

Carola Dunn: The Bloody Tower. A Daisy Dalrymple Mystery. Kensington Books, ISBN: 9780758229212 (February, 2009), 256 p., $6.99.



The Bloody Tower

Carola Dunn: The Bloody Tower (USA 2007)

From the Publisher:
In early 1925, the Honourable Daisy Dalrymple Fletcher, recent mother of twins, resumes her journalistic career by agreeing to write a piece about the Tower of London - the Bloody Tower - for an American magazine. Invited to observe the centuries old ritual Ceremony of the Keys, she's spending the night (her first time away from her babies) since the complex is locked and guarded, and the high walls are surrounded by a disused moat. Having been given a tour of the Crown Jewels, interviewed and observed the Yeoman Warders, and met the Ravenmaster, Daisy has more than enough material for her article and decides to leave as early as possible the next morning to return to her family. But when walking down the stairs, she almost trips over the dead body of one of the Yeoman Warders. That there's something seriously amiss cannot be denied, due to the pike sticking out of his back. With her husband, Scotland Yard DCI Alec Fletcher assigned to resolve the case, Daisy once again finds herself in the middle of a case of murder most foul.

Carola Dunn: The Bloody Tower. A Daisy Dalrymple Mystery. St. Martin's Press, ISBN: 9780312363062 (September, 2007), 259 p., $23.95.


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