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Mistletoe and Murder

Carola Dunn: Mistletoe and Murder (UK 2011)

From the Publisher:
The 11th novel in the charming Daisy Dalrymple series of 1920's country house murder mysteries.
In December 1923, Daisy Dalrymple Fletcher yields to the demands of her mother and the needs of her writing career and brings her family to an old Cornish estate for Christmas.

The estate, occupied by the poor relations of the ancestral lord, has a rich history of lore, ghost stories, and festering resentments some or all of which leaves them all trapped in a house with the corpse of a despotic chaplin and a murderer. Daisy's husband Inspector Alec is forced to give up his Christmas break to help Daisy solve the mystery.

Carola Dunn: Mistletoe and Murder. A Daisy Dalrymple Mystery. Robinson, ISBN: 9781849017060 (February, 2011), 266 p., £6.99.



Mistletoe and Murder

Carola Dunn: Mistletoe and Murder (USA 2004)

From the Publisher:
When it comes to mischief and murder, no one covers the case more stylishly than the Honorable Daisy Dalrymple. The latest installment finds the ever-adventurous heiress dreading Christmas in Cornwall with her distant, faintly scandalous family. She has no idea that dread is about to become cold, hard fear...

Mistletoe And Murder
Daisy Dalrymple Fletcher may have no trouble helping her husband, Chief Inspector Alec Fletcher, apprehend hardened criminals for Scotland Yard, but she's no match for her mother. The formidable Dowager Viscountess Dalrymple has issued her edict: The entire family is to gather for Christmas at Brockdene, the ancestral estate of Lord Westmoor in Cornwall. When the crew arrives at Brockdene, however, they discover that they will instead be spending the holidays with Lord Westmoor's poor relations, the Norvilles, who -- when they aren't sniping at one another with venomous glee -- regale their guests with tales of the estate's scandalous history: deadly family squabbles, smuggling, hidden treasure, and ghosts who still haunt the halls. But when one of the guests is found stabbed to death in the family chapel, Daisy is certain there's more than a ghost at work. Now, with the presents still under the tree, Daisy finds herself enmeshed in an investigation that will take her beneath the veneer of English civility into the dark heart of a family who will do anything to keep the skeletons in their closets under lock and key...

Carola Dunn: Mistletoe and Murder. It's beginning to look a lot like murder... A Daisy Dalrymple Mystery. Kensington Pub., ISBN: 0758204892 (October, 2004), 252 p., $5.99.



Mistletoe and Murder

Carola Dunn: Mistletoe and Murder (USA 2002)

From the Publisher:
In December 1923, the formidable Dowager Viscountess Dalrymple has decided that for Christmas the family will all gather at Brockdene in Cornwall at the invitation of Lord Westmoor. Her daughter - Daisy Dalrymple Fletcher - is something less than pleased but yields to the demands of her mother, especially as she'll be there just before the holidays working on another article for Town and Country about the estate itself. But the family gathering quickly goes awry. Brockdene, it seems, is only occupied by the Norvilles - poor relations of Lord Westmoor - and Westmoor himself won't be joining them. So Daisy, her husband Detective Chief Inspector Alec Fletcher of Scotland Yard, and their family must spend their Christmas holiday trapped in an ancestral estate with a rich history of lore, ghost stories, rumors of hidden treasure and secret passageways with a family seething with resentments, grudges and a faintly scandalous history.

The veneer of civility that pervades the halls of Brockdene, however, begins to wear thin when long-held family secrets threaten to bubble over, and one of the Christmas guests if found savagely murdered. With few clues as to who committed the murder and with too many motives as to why, it is once again up to Daisy to sort out the truth that lies beneath a generation of poisonous secrets.

Carola Dunn: Mistletoe and Murder. A Daisy Dalrymple Mystery. Minotaur Books, ISBN: 0312287755 (December, 2002), 260 p., $23.95.


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