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Dick Francis: The Edge

The Edge From the Publisher:
Undercover operative Tor Kelsey just received his make-or-break assignment: masquerading as a waiter on The Great Transcontinental Mystery Race Train - a high-class horse-racing junket for the super-rich. He was told to look out for trouble, but he never could have guessed how much.

Because one of the passengers on this elegant excursion is Julius Apollo Filmer - a sociopathic genius of blackmail and criminal corruption. His goal - take the train and its passengers for everything they have. And Tor is the only one with enough cunning and courage to take him on...

"A tour de force... A steadily high level of interest, comedy, suspense, and surprise." The Atlantic
"One of the most reliable mystery writers working today." Detroit News and Free Press
"A rare and magical talent... who never writes the same story twice." San Diego Union-Tribune

Dick Francis: The Edge. Berkley Publishing Group, ISBN: 051513113X (August, 2001), 368 p., $7.99.



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