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In the Frame

Dick Francis: In the Frame (USA 2006)

From the Publisher:
Charles Todd -- a renowned painter of horses -- is shocked when he turns up at his cousin Donald's house for a weekend visit to find his cousin's young wife dead on the floor -- and Donald the police's prime suspect. Determined to prove Donald's innocence, Todd trails a set of clues from England to Australia to New Zealand, only to realize that someone is trailing him. Someone with every intention of taking him out of the picture for good...

Dick Francis: In the Frame. Berkley Publishing, ISBN: 042520958X (September, 2006), 292 p., $7.99.



In the Frame

Dick Francis: In the Frame (UK 1996)

From the Publisher:
'When the gloves are off it's very gritty indeed' Daily Telegraph Charles Todd makes a living as a painter of horses. Someone else is making a lot more, forging paintings by masters such as Stubbs and Munnings. And selling them to people like Charles' cousin and his wife. People who usually end up dead.

When Charles arrives in Australia, he's not there for the surf at Bondi beach. He's right on the trail of the ruthless fraudsters, to whom violence and corruption are part of normal business practice. And he's right in the frame for murder...

Dick Francis: In the Frame. Pan, ISBN: 0330253077 (November, 1996), 208 p., £5.99 (?).


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