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Dick Francis: Longshot (USA 2010)

From the Publisher:
Jump in the saddle with a sure thing.
Writer John Kendall travels to England to interview a racehorse trainer with something to hide-a secret that could threaten Kendall's life.

Dick Francis: Longshot. Berkley Publishing, ISBN: 9780425234631 (May, 2010), 320 p., $7.99.




Dick Francis: Longshot (UK 1995)

From the Publisher:
John Kendall knows how to survive. He's written six handbooks on the subject. Now he wants to become a novelist - preferably without starving to death. But when cold and hunger set in, Kendall impulsively accepts an unlikely job.

He is to research and write a biography of Tremayne Vickers, a famous racecourse trainer. Staying at Vickers' home in rural Berkshire, Kendall soon learns to like his host and friends, learns to ride racehorses, learns about murderers...

And how his own survival tips can become deadly traps...

Dick Francis: Longshot. Pan, ISBN: 0330319582 (December, 1995), 304 p., £5.99.




Dick Francis: Longshot (USA 1992)

From the Publisher:
His agent has always known that John Kendall, writer of travel guides to harsh terrains, is impulsive. But taking an assignment because he needs money hardly seems a rash act, as Kendall ventures to rural England to interview a successful racehorse trainer. But the perils described in his survival manuals pale next to the dangers in the English countryside. "Impulse will kill you one of these days," his agent had warned. Kendall should have listened, but he didn't--not by a longshot...

Dick Francis: Longshot. Ballantine Books, ISBN: 0449219550 (February, 1992), 322 p., $5.99.


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