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Whip Hand

Dick Francis: Whip Hand (UK 2009)

From the Publisher:
A newly reissued edition of this classic from the Champion Storyteller
There are two worlds in racing. Winning and losing. Private detective Sid Halley has gone from one to the other - fast. First his career as a jockey ended when he lost his hand in a fall. Then his wife said a cold good-bye. Now he's on the trail of thugs who crush losers. With vicious pleasure.

These are people who aim to win - at any price. There's a syndicate of owners with a sideline in violent kidnapping. And Trevor Deansgate, a bookmaker whose hatred of favourites goes one deathly step too far...

For the sake of his health, Halley had better return to winning ways. Because to lose is to die...

Dick Francis: Whip Hand. Pan Books, ISBN: 9780330263061 (May, 2009), 378 p., £6.99.



Whip Hand

Dick Francis: Whip Hand (USA 2005)

From the Publisher:
Sid Halley's glory days as a jockey are over, but he still finds a certain satisfaction in successfully solving a case. His latest one, though, could prove to be his undoing.

Dick Francis: Whip Hand. Berkley Publishing Group, ISBN: 0425203549 (June, 2005), 292 p., $6.99.


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