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Nicolas Freeling: Strike Out Where not Applicable

Strike Out Where not Applicable From the Publisher:
How do you prove a murder that's almost impossible to prove was a murder? An elusive homicide evades even the most decisive guile from a true master of criminal investigation, but Van der Valk won't let that stop him. A seemingly unintended death of a local restaurant owner might not be as accidental as some would like it to appear, and when the suspicions of the Commissaire are aroused, Van der Valk is called in to ask some very awkward questions. A fascinating thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat as Van der Valk probes the strangest of human behaviours.

Nicolas Freeling: Strike Out Where not Applicable. A Van der Valk Thriller. House of Stratus ISBN: 184232845X (June, 2001); 194 p., $11.50


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