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Dead End

Brian Freemantle: Dead End (2005)

From the Publisher:
Doctors are prescribing too many antibiotics and superbugs become resistant to them, leading to a medical crisis. How to prevent millions from unnecessary suffering and death? Richard Parnell, a brilliant scientist, thinks he has the answer - but his genetic research can only be carried out with human DNA on living patients. This experimentation and practice is totally against medical ethics - but the dying recover, as do some AIDS and cancer patients. Parnell's company flourishes, profits soar, and he is considered for a Nobel prize. But research is incomplete, and there is a severe risk that his treatment long term encourages genes to mutate with irreversibly fatal consequences. When Parnell wants to warn the world, those whose investment is recouping millions of dollars reject his demand for a public warning and withdrawal of the procedure. There's only one way Parnell can be certain of the risks - by testing himself. Seriously and unaccountably infected, he realises time is running out to save his own life and reveal the extent of boardroom corruption in the name of greed...

Brian Freemantle: Dead End. Severn House, ISBN: 0727861069 (February, 2005), 346 p., £18.99.






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