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Red Star Rising

Brian Freemantle: Red Star Rising (USA 2010)

From the Publisher:
The body of a murdered, tortured Russian has been found in Moscow, which isn't unusual in the crime-ridden city. What is different is that this corpse is on the lawn of the British embassy.

Eager to prevent an international incident, London dispatches veteran MI5 agent Charlie Muffin to investigate. Charlie is an old hand who recognizes that little has changed in the post--Soviet Union, most definitely not the espionage enmity between Russia, Britain, and America. The search for the identity of the murdered man enmeshes Charlie in what might be the biggest attempted espionage coup of his career.

Being in Moscow has very personal implications for Charlie, too. It provides the opportunity for a re-union with his Russian wife, Natalia, and their young daughter, whom he had to abandon because of a hurried recall to the UK five years earlier. It's also the chance to persuade the reluctant Natalia, an officer in Russia's FSB intelligence service, to return with him to London.

Brian Freemantle has been hailed as a master of the spy novel. His books have sold millions of copies throughout the world, and now he returns with Red Star Rising, set in a modern-day Russia where the only thing that has changed about the KGB is its name.

Brian Freemantle: Red Star Rising. A Thriller. Thomas Dunne Books, ISBN: 9780312315535 (August, 2010), 384 p., $25.99.






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