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Two Women

Brian Freemantle: Two Women (2003)

From the Publisher:
From the master storyteller and creator of Charlie Muffin When accountant John Carver dies in a road accident, the two women in his life find out about each other's existence. Jane, the unsuspecting wife, and Alice, the mistress, streetwise financial journalist and skilled computer hacker are unexpectedly thrown together as they find themselves hunted by the mafia. John's death was in reality no accident, but resulted from his search for papers held by his deceased boss that uncovered mafia money laundering. Now the women must find the documents to give themselves a bargaining chip for their lives, while hunted by both the mafia and by the FBI.

Brian Freemantle: Two Women. Severn House, ISBN: 0727859730 (June 2003), 344 p., £18.99.






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