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James W. Hall: Rough Draft

Rough Draft From the Publisher:
After the brutal murders of her parents, mystery novelist Hannah Keller quit the Miami P.D. to devote more time to writing, and to her eleven-year-old son Randall - still haunted by the discovery of his grandparents' bodies five years ago. But just when life seems to be calming down for Hannah, she finds a copy of one of her books, with cryptic notes scribbled in its margins. Hannah, immediately sensing the connection to her parents' deaths, is soon plunged into a harrowing search for answers - one that will draw her and her son closer to danger... to a reclusive millionaire who may hold all the answers... to two villains - one out for revenge and the other for blood... and to a real-life mystery more shocking than anything she could have penned.

James W. Hall: Rough Draft. St. Martin's Press; ISBN: 0312974922 (January, 2001), 351 p., $6.99



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