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James W. Hall: Gone Wild

Gone Wild From the Publisher:
Allison Farleigh has taken her two grown daughters, Sean and Winslow, thirteen time zones from Florida to a lush, swampy jungle in Borneo - a place that is as far from home as it is possible to go. They are there as volunteers, working on the annual orangutan census that determines how much the great apes move closer each year to extinction. But the poachers following Allison's trail are interested in more than the illegal exportation of rare animals. They intend to commit a crime that will tear this beautiful woman's world apart. With one poacher's bullet, Allison is plunged into a nightmare of rage and grief. The killers? A pair of diabolical twins named Rayon and Orlon, who demonstrate why James Ellroy calls Hall's psychopaths "so well drawn and amusing they make you giddy." From Malaysia to Miami, Allison is stalked by the killer duo - and pursued by her own belief that she is responsible for her daughter's death. Desperate to bring Winslow's killers to justice, Allison finally reaches out to the only person she knows can help - Thorn.

James W. Hall: Gone Wild. Dell Publishing Company, ISBN: 0440217814 (February, 1996), $7.50



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