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Black Blood

Jon Hart: The Mercenaries - Black Blood (UK 1977)

From the Publisher:
Five commando is the official one or their outfit. Except that there's nothing much else that's 'official' about Major Kane's band ot killers. They are rootless adventurers following one of the oldest - and dirtiest- trades in the world.

They are the Mercenaries

Hired by a frightened African government to help turn back the tide of a barbarous rebellion, the men of Five Commando carve a swathe of death through the blood stained black heart of Africa.

lt's their first operation together - one that welds them into a ruthless, efficient killing-machine-for-hire, ready to fight and kill in any of the world's trouble spots. For whoever will pay them.

This is the sensational first story in Jon Hart's brutal adult adventure series about modern soldiers of fortune: The Mercenaries.

Jon Hart: The Mercenaries - Black Blood. Mayflower, ISBN: 0583125891 (March, 1977), 128 p., £0.50.






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