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Barbara Michaels: Other Worlds

Other Worlds From the Publisher:
Those present include Harry Houdini, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, psychoanalyst Nandor Fodor, and a writer who rivals them all with her sleuthing talent. These masters of mystery are about to put their minds to a pair of ghoulish stories -- of families beset by poltergeistly pranks and bewitched by inexplicable horrors. Gripping puzzles, yes, but the terror of these tales is all too vicious and all too real.

In the hollows of Tennessee, a family is threatened by a dire spirit whose warnings of despair and death come frighteningly true...

In a small Connecticut town, a newly married widow and her children move into her second husband's home to find their lives possessed by an unimaginable demon...

Were these villains phantom spirits or evildoers of flesh and blood? Dare to find out in this masterful delight from Barbara Michaels -- a tale as frightening by daylight as it is by darkness."

Barbara Michaels: Other Worlds. HarperCollins, ISBN 0061097497 (February, 2000), 304 p., $6.99


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