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Elizabeth Peters: Seeing a Large Cat

Seeing a Large Cat From the Publisher:
"Stay away from tomb Twenty-A!" says an ominous message delivered by an unseen hand. The year is 1903, the place is Cairo, and with the new century, everything is changing for Amelia Peabody -- except her affinity for danger. Headed for an archaeological dig in the awesome Valley of the Kings, she hopes the desert will yield up its secrets. Instead it will produce a macabre puzzle of murder, passion, and cruel deceit.

Besides the warning about the tomb -- which only makes it more intriguing to Amelia and her sexy if irascible husband, Emerson -- Amelia finds Egypt spinning with demands that join like the threads of her destiny. A request for help comes from an old friend whose husband has fallen for a spiritualist... a plea arrives from an expatriate Civil War colonel with a pretty daughter threatened by an unknown enemy... and a special headache is bestowed by her son Ramses, grown from a precocious child to a teenager, who strikes out with his cousin David and Amelia's beautiful ward Nefret toward an adventure that could turn a mother's hair white...

Even though her famous premonitions are telling her that trouble lies ahead, Amelia dreams of a large cat, an Egyptian sign of good luck. And when tomb Twenty-A finally reveals its secret, Amelia will need all the luck she can garner, and her detective skills, to keep those dearest to her from death... or an equally undesirable fate.

Filled with outrageous humor, shivery suspense, and irresistible romance, Seeing a Large Cat is Elizabeth Peters at her incomparable best.

Elizabeth Peters: Seeing a Large Cat. Warner Books, ISBN 0446605573 (July, 1998), 432 p., $7.50



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