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Tunnel Vision

Sara Paretsky: Tunnel Vision (UK 2013)

From the Publisher:
The discovery of a destitute family in her office basement leads V.I. Warshawski to homeless charity Home Free. But the organisation's frosty reception gives V.I. cause for concern, especially when one of its board members is then found murdered, sprawled across her desk...

Taking on the case, V.I. uncovers a framework of domestic abuse and fraud which spreads across the whole of Chicago, as well as into the abandoned tunnels beneath the city streets - where more dark secrets have been buried

Sara Paretsky: Tunnel Vision. In the quest for justice, there are no limits... A V.I. Warshawski Novel. Hodder, ISBN: 9781444761504 (January, 2013), 482 p., £8.99.



Tunnel Vision

Sara Paretsky: Tunnel Vision (UK 1995)

From the Publisher:
Private Eye Vic Warshawski is in a professional and financial mess. What she needs is a lucrative case. What she doesn't need are the woes of a homeless family, a love-sick teenage computer-hack -- and a dead body slumped over her desk...

The body is a big embarrassment. Firstly, Vic knows the victim. Secondly, the murderer has removed Vic's computer files. Thirdly, Vid is the initial suspect. And to cap it all, being suspected of murder is going to interfere with the case that Vic, at last, has been given - to investigate the dodgy background of a construction company.

Life has somehow got very complicated. But as Vic proceeds with her case, she realizes with mounting horror that life is actually very simple: all her problems are connected... and none of them, as someone is desperately trying to prove, would exist if Vic were dead...

Sara Paretsky: Tunnel Vision. The new V.I. Warshawski Novel. Penguin, ISBN: 0140170812 (June, 1995), 482 p., £5.99.



Tunnel Vision

Sara Paretsky: Tunnel Vision (USA 1995)

From the Publisher:
Stubbornness has landed private eye V.I. Warshawski in big trouble at her Chicago office. With her grand old Loop building set to be razed, she's become a hold-out tenant amid frayed wiring and scary, empty corridors. Then she finds a homeless woman with three kids in the basement, and before she can rescue them, they disappear. Worst of all, she's been implicated in a murder -- after the body of Deirdre Messenger, a prominent lawyer's wife, turns up sprawled across her desk.

V.I., who had volunteered with Deirdre at a women's shelter, suspects her death is linked to a case of upper-class domestic abuse so slickly concealed that the police refuse to believe it. Increasingly at odds with the cops, V.I. is blindly plunging ahead after the truth. And her path may lead to corruption at the highest levels.or deep into the abandoned tunnels beneath Chicago's streets, where secrets are hiding in the dark like a child's -- or V.I.'s -- worst nightmare.

Sara Paretsky: Tunnel Vision. A V.I. Warshawski Novel. Dell, ISBN: 0440217520 (June, 1995), 337 p., $6.99.



Tunnel Vision

Sara Paretsky: Tunnel Vision (USA 1994)

From the Publisher:
Her office building is falling down, the unpaid bills are mounting up. V. I. Warshawski needs a lucrative case and needs it fast. Instead, her most important client demands that she find a community service job to keep his computer-hacking son out of jail.

At the same time, V.I. is worried about a homeless family she found in the basement of her office building. Her search for emergency shelter sends her to Home Free, a charitable organization for the homeless headed by an old college flame. She's puzzled by Home Free's cold response, and even more troubled when they start giving the runaround to a group of tradeswomen she knows.

Hard up for money, V.I. resists investigating Home Free until one of its board members is murdered in the detective's own office. The track she follows leads her to the trail of tor-mented runaways, abused spouses, and a cynical financial fraud that stretches from Chicago's banks to the halls of Congress.

As she nears the dramatic climax of her punishing case, with her emotional and physical resources taxed to the limit, V.I. finds she must choose between her private happiness and her sense of justice... and learns that the hardest questions she must answer are the ones she asks herself.

Tunnel Vision marks the eighth appearance of V. I. Warshawski, who's been called "the most engaging woman in detective fiction since Dorothy Sayers's Harriet Vane" (Newsweek), "the detective mystery fans have been waiting for" (Time), and "a gumshoe for modern times" (People).

Sara Paretsky: Tunnel Vision. A V.I. Warshawski Novel. Delacorte Press, ISBN: 038529932X (June, 1994), 393 p., $21.95.


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