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Zero Hour in Phnom Penh

Christopher G. Moore: Zero Hour in Phnom Penh (Thailand 2005)

From the Publisher:
Phnom Penh - UNTAC peacekeeping forces maintain fragile peace in Cambodia. Gun running, smuggling, illegal logging, robbery, and prostitution, are all life. Corruption is everywhere, life is cheap. And the sound of gunfire erupts nightly from illegal checkpoints.

Bangkok private eye, Vincent ("Vinee") Calvino and Thai Police Lieutenant-Colonel Prachai Congwatana ("Pratt") are in Phnom Penh. Vinee has the knack of finding people who don't want to be found. And a Bangkok client has hired him to find a drifter who has gone underground in Cambodia. Lt.Col. Pratt has come along on a secret mission of his own. They end up searching for the same man.

Phnom Penh and the UNTAC Civ Pol operation form a dramatic backdrop to this fast-paced story in which Christopher Moore demonstrates his skill at creating a totally believable world in which horror, death, humor and tenderness can co-exist.

Christopher G. Moore: Zero Hour in Phnom Penh. A Novel. Heaven Lake Press, ISBN: 9749303598, 275 p., $15.95.






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